Get $2.75 jewelry or a career

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You can join Paparazzi as a "Kit-Napper" or "Hobbyist" just to get your jewelry at cost - only $2.75 each! You only need to purchase 100 pieces each year to keep this privilege!

What if you had a few hundred dollars more each month? Would it allow you to relax more? Spend more time with family? Pay off debt? Go on vacation? You can work your own Paparazzi Accessories business part time or as a full time career. You decide! Be one of the first 50,000 Paparazzi consultants! Imagine where the first 50,000 Avon or Mary Kay consultants are now! Join us; Paparazzi is exploding!

For just $99, you can join my team and be a consultant your way! Contact me for more information or learn more/sign up here!